MAKAUT CGPA to Percentage: Unlocking Academic Achievement

Introduction To MAKAUT CGPA to Percentage

When it comes to academic performance, understanding how your grades translate into percentages is essential. If you’re a student at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), navigating the conversion from CGPA to percentage might seem like a complex task. Fear not, for we’re here to guide you through this process and shed light on how to seamlessly transition from one grading system to another. Explore the benefits of MAKAUT CGPA to Percentage Conversion for unlocking your academic achievement potential.

Why the Conversion Matters

MAKAUT’s CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) system is designed to assess your academic progress over multiple semesters. However, for various purposes, including job applications, further studies, and scholarships, knowing your percentage equivalent is crucial. Converting CGPA to percentage allows you to present a standardized measure of your performance that is widely understood and accepted.

MAKAUT CGPA to Percentage Formula

Percentage = (CGPA – 0.75) * 10


  • CGPA is your Cumulative Grade Point Average

This formula is commonly used for converting CGPA to Percentage at many universities in India. However, it’s important to note that universities may have variations in their specific conversion formula, so it’s always best to verify the formula with official university sources or academic advisors before using it for accurate calculations.

Benefits of the Conversion

Converting your CGPA to percentage offers numerous advantages. It provides a clear and concise snapshot of your academic performance. This clarity can enhance your confidence when presenting your achievements to potential employers or educational institutions. Furthermore, understanding the percentage equivalent allows you to set realistic goals for improvement and work towards specific targets.

Navigating MAKAUT’s Grading System

To comprehend the CGPA to percentage conversion, it’s important to grasp MAKAUT’s grading system. The university employs a multi-point grading scale that assigns letter grades corresponding to specific grade points. This system assesses your performance on a relative scale, considering the performance of your peers as well.

Elevating Your Academic Journey

The process of converting CGPA to percentage is more than just a mathematical calculation; it’s a bridge that connects your academic efforts to real-world opportunities. Whether you’re pursuing further studies, applying for jobs, or seeking scholarships, the conversion empowers you to showcase your achievements in a universally understood manner.

MAKAUT CGPA to Percentage Conversion Table

CGPA Percentage
10.0 95% – 100%
9.0 85% – 94%
8.0 75% – 84%
7.0 65% – 74%
6.0 55% – 64%
5.0 45% – 54%
4.0 35% – 44%
3.0 25% – 34%
2.0 15% – 24%
1.0 5% – 14%
0.0 0% – 4%

Please note that these percentages are approximate and can vary based on the specific conversion method used by MAKAUT. It’s recommended to verify the exact conversion formula and corresponding percentage ranges from official university sources for accurate results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the CGPA to percentage conversion accurate?

Absolutely. When done following the university’s guidelines, the conversion is accurate and widely recognized.

Q2: Can I use the converted percentage on my resume?

Yes, definitely. Converting your CGPA to percentage and mentioning it on your resume provides a clear snapshot of your academic performance.

Q3: Will this conversion impact my future opportunities?

On the contrary, it opens up more opportunities by presenting your achievements in a format that is easily understood by employers and educational institutions.


In the academic journey at MAKAUT, the CGPA to percentage conversion is a pivotal step that bridges the gap between your efforts and opportunities. This conversion simplifies your accomplishments and enables you to confidently navigate the realms of further education and professional pursuits. Remember, while the process might seem technical, its impact is profound – helping you unlock a world of possibilities. So, embrace the conversion, celebrate your achievements, and step into a future where your hard work shines in percentage terms.


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